Introducing the Flavors of French Fermentation

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Saverne Fluer de Lis

Discover Saverne Organic Sauerkraut

~ Hand-harvested organic cabbage ~ Traditional recipes from Provincial France ~ Naturally fermented using only water and salt

Saverne Fluer de Lis

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French Inspiration. Culinary Creation.

At the base of the Voges mountains, Saverne, France is home to castle ruins, churches, rose gardens, and the famed Marne Rhine Canal.

Nestled into France's easternmost region of Alsace-Lorraine, restaurants line cobble-stone streets, and traditional dishes like Charcuterie Garnie, Duck a' la' Orange, and Roast Capon are elegantly presented and made from local ingredients.

In these rolling hills of France, fresh fruit and organic produce are abundant, and every meal features freshly picked herbs and spices. Saverne Organic Sauerkraut captures the best of these rustic French flavors, inspiring and elevating everyday meals with a taste of France in each spoonful.